Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Trouble With Kingston Rd.-Danforth Ave. Intersection

This intersection, built before WWII, was designed without a thought for cyclists or pedestrians. It is like a freeway interchange.

Cyclists heading westbound who wish to continue down Kingston Rd. must cross two lanes of traffic. When car traffic is heavy, a cyclist might have to wait for a few minutes for a safe gap.

Cyclists heading eastbound on Danforth Ave. find that Danforth ends in a merging with Kingston Rd. , and must also cross two lanes to reach the curb lane on Kingston Rd., again having to wait for a safe gap in car traffic.

Cycling for transportation is healthy, and reduces pollution, and road congestion. The benefits of cycling to the community make such obstacles to safe cycling totally inappropriate.

Several years ago, there was some discussion of a plan for a transit line on Kingston Rd. This would have involved reconstruction of the Kingston-Danforth interchange. If such a plan were ever carried out, it would be an opportunity to make the intersection friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists.

In the meantime, a more practical possibility is the reinstatement of the Birchmount Rd. bike lane between Kingston Rd. and Danforth Ave., along with signage advising cyclists of the availability of an alternative to this dangerous intersection.

Douglas Yardley