Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Utility Cycling and the Evergreen Garden Market Christmas Tree Party

On Tuesday November 19, members of Ward 36 Cyclists and TO35Cycles volunteered at the Evergreen Garden Market Christmas Tree Party.

Working alongside approximately 25 other volunteers from other community organizations, we helped unload two truckloads of Christmas trees.

In addition to helping Evergreen, both Ward 36 Cyclists and TO35Cycles wanted to highlight the potential of utility cycling in the city, and further demonstrate that everyday errands can be completed safely on a bicycle.

Members from both groups packed up their bikes and transported stuff to and from Evergreen. One member purchased a 7-foot white pine tree and brought it back to his home in Scarborough using a trailer. (Many of the other volunteers were surely impressed!)

At the end of the day, we were all rewarded with lots of treats, hot apple cider, and delicious pedal powered hot chocolate from ChocoSol Traders. Finally, both of our Scarborough cycling groups were able to network and make great connections with other environmental organizations working in Toronto.

Stay safe and happy cycling!

Marvin Macaraig